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Davenport Board Members go to Des Moines to ask for state funding equality

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DAVENPORT, Iowa---  Davenport school board members will head to Des Moines Tuesday, December 13, to meet with the Iowa School Budget Review Committee to ask for more school funding.

Davenport schools have been fighting to get equal funding from the state for years, they are expected to ask for more than $600,000.

Davenport School Board President, Raloph Johanson says this meeting is very beneficial to seeing progress in the long fight for funding equality in Iowa.

"This is the first time that we will actually have to discuss with the (School Budget Review Committee)  whats going on with the respect to our reserves, and respect to some of the things that we have to do," says Johanson.

If the district can not get the money it needs, the board says it is willing to dip into its reserve funds, something they are not authorized to do unless first approved by the state.