Beware of wine exchange scam on Facebook

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LE CLAIRE, Iowa - A wine exchange has been circulating Facebook, asking you to give a little to get a lot.

Regan Small at Wide River Winery saw the post on Facebook, it states, if you give one bottle of wine you can get up to 36 more.

"I think if they're expecting to get all this great wine for sending one bottle out, their expectations have been set too high," said Regan Small, Le Claire manager at Wide River Winery.

Working in the wine business, she saw another problem with this exchange.

"People shipping wine out of state should be aware, that they may not be able to get their package to them if that state prohibits the sell of wine," said Small.

The exchange asks you to send a bottle to 'one secret wine lover,' police said not knowing who that is could have big consequences.

"Unintentionally, you're sending something to a teenager unbeknownst to you, think(ing) you're getting (to be) part of this club," said Sergeant Michael Gonzalez LeClaire Police.

The Better Business Bureaus said you should be aware before you share.

"It's a classic pyramid scheme, that's promising that you will get more than what you put into it," said Ryan Smith, director of marketing & communications at the Better Business Bureau.

With this wine exchange, you'll most likely end up empty handed.

You should also be aware that sharing information in an exchange like this could leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

If you find a scam you can report it to the Better Business Bureau here.