‘Homesick’ candles smell like nostalgia… and the Iowa State Fair

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Georgia-scented candle photo from Homesickcandles.com

A company has created candles that smell like home. Appropriately, they’re called Homesick Candles. They sell for about $30 and are meant to capture the essence of your home state to enjoy when you’ve moved.

But that’s not the best part. Instead of smelling like nostalgia and summer nights, social media trolls are accusing the candles of smelling like the worst of their state’s attributes, with comments like “North Carolina. Smells like delicious vinegar-based barbecue sauce and campfires with a dab of racism,” or “California? Is there a smell for overpriced gas and high taxes?”

Not every state is avialble, but both Illinois and Iowa are listed.

“Can’t find Nebraska. Unfortunate because I always wanted a candle that smells like manure and fermenting grain.”

Iowa supposedly smells like the Iowa State Fair, though, so we’re not sure if it’ll smell like corn dogs or the corn sweats.

A few states got lucky. Florida “includes a hint of orange, a touch of sea mist and a bit of driftwood.” Georgia includes “a hint of sweet tea and a touch of Georgia peaches.” Mmmm.

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