Davenport veterans honored by Central ROTC students

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Students at Davenport Central High School took a moment to honor those fallen at Pearl Harbor. It was part of their annual Alumni Memorial Service, which honors those who served and attended both Davenport High School and Central by reading their names out loud.

The memorial started about five years ago when an ROTC student honored his grandfather who was killed in action during World War II. Junior ROTC students have continued on with the tradition.

"We make sure that emotions are stirred up, we don't want people to just let them settle and they just become forgotten and something that's not remembered anymore.  We want to make sure those emotions are felt every year and remembered," said student Matthew Gonzales.

This year, the ceremony was held in the school's library but there are plans to move it to the auditorium once construction is completed.