How President-elect Donald Trump spent his weekend

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NEW YORK CITY, New York-- In a series of tweets this morning, President-elect Donald Trump promised lower taxes and fewer regulations on businesses, but he said companies that move jobs outside of the U.S. won't get the same benefits. The President-elect says he wants a 35% tax on companies that fire employees and build factories in foreign countries, then, sell products back to the U.S.

Trump explained in the tweets that he thinks the tax would make it "financially difficult" for those companies to do so.

The search for Trump's Secretary of State continues, and according to his campaign manager, the list of candidates is expanding. Trump will reportedly interview new candidates this week. Several names already floated by the campaign include former General David Petraeus, former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

This morning, the future Vice President, Mike Pence, spoke out about the conversation between Trump and the leader of Taiwan that took place earlier this week. Pence clarified that the call does not reflect a shift in U.S. policy.

Pence says the conversation was simply a "courtesy call." There have been no public reports of contact between the leader of Taiwan and a U.S. President or President-elect since 1979. That's when the U.S. first acknowledged what's called the "One China Policy," which recognizes Taiwan as part of China.