Rock Falls mayor wants leaf burning ban approved

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ROCK FALLS, Illinois — The Mayor of Rock Falls wants to stop residents from burning yard waste. They're one of the few cities in Illinois that still allows it. There's a code in place that governs how the burning must be done.

Mayor Bill Wescott says the city receives plenty of complaints about irresponsible burning, taking up a lot of police force's time. Wescott says they've tried to ban burning before, and hopes it will go through this time.

"Our police receive numerous calls throughout the year from people who say that the neighborhoods full of smoke, but it really becomes something that is very hard for the police to track down and they have far better things to do than be looking to see who left their burn piles going," said Wescott.

Wescott says an ordinance will be submitted at the end of this month and after it is approved, then it will go to the city council.