Bad dog? Family suspects Sammy of starting house fire

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This Weimaraner is not the firebug. Photo courtesy

LU VERNE, Iowa (AP) — A north Iowa family suspects their dog, Sammy, of starting a fire that destroyed their kitchen.

Mike Nilles, of Lu Verne, tells the Mason City Globe Gazette  he found 3-foot flames climbing up his kitchen cabinets Nov. 23.

Nilles turned off the stove and alerted his wife, Lynzie. The couple then helped their 2-year-old daughter and four dogs escape.

The fire gutted the kitchen and left a coat of soot in the living room.

Nilles says he can’t be sure, but he suspects their 7-year-old dog Sammy of jumping onto the gas stove. The stove’s knob was pushed to the ignite position and was still clicking in the empty kitchen when Nilles smelled smoke.

Nilles speculates Sammy, a Weimaraner, jumped up to “sniff around and hit the button.”