We’re wondering what life in LeClaire, Iowa was like 146 years ago #TBT

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It's that time of week when we spotlight some of the greatest photos from our past. This week, we take you to Davenport and Le Claire, Iowa. retro-quad-cities1First, let's take you all the way back to 1870, almost a generation before anyone would cross the Mississippi River on a bridge. Here, several steamboats are moored on the riverfront in Le Claire. Notice how new the railroad tracks look. That's because they are brand new...in the same spot where the current tracks are. retro-quad-cities3Next up, another shot from the 1960s in Le Claire. Can you recognize any of the buildings? I am not surewhat direction we're looking, but the building where the "Blue Iguana" is located is one of the oldest in town. Maybe that's in the background?retro-quad-cities2

As we hang Christmas decorations this time of year, let's look back at 1948. These gentlemen are hanging a "Season's Greetings" wreath in downtown Davenport. retro-quad-cities4

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