The 2 main changes Governor Rauner wants to see in Illinois’ budget plan

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — On the final day of veto session, Governor Bruce Rauner posted a video to his Facebook page to address the state’s budget negotiation.

In the video, posted Thursday, December 1, 2016, Rauner said he is calling on Democratic leaders to meet every day to negotiate a balanced budget with reforms.  In the budget, Rauner said his main priorities are to create jobs, reduce property taxes, improve schools, and set term limits.

Conversely, House Speaker Michael Madigan said he will not support any reforms, Rauner said in his video.  Rauner continued, saying that Madigan initially planned to raise income tax back up to 5%, but is now looking to delay that plan, and go forward with a stopgap budget.

“I’ve informed the speaker that the only way I could possibly accept another stopgap spending plan is if we include two powerful, bi-partisan reforms with it: term limits and a permanent property tax freeze,” Rauner said in his video.

Rauner said he is against more deficit spending, calling it “a failure for the people of Illinois.”

The House and Senate are scheduled to adjourn without voting on a balanced budget or reforms. Rauner said that if lawmakers cannot agree on anything except a stopgap budget, he will push for the term limits and property tax freeze points.

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