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Students at Denkmann Elementary School are giving Difference Maker award after ending bullying problems

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- For students Ireona Euing and Kierian Trahan just being next to each other use to be a real challenge.

The two 6th graders at Denkmann Elementary School did not get along, because Ireona bullied Kierian, but after constantly teasing him, Ireona had a wake up call.

So she wrote Kierian an apology letter and read it to their class and explained that she had been bulled herself.

"I just felt like maybe if I put someone else down my feelings would be achieved and I wouldn't be hurting anymore but I realized that that's not the right idea," says Ireona.

After hearing what they had to say Kierian accepted here apology, and now the school is awarding both kids the Difference Maker Award.

The award is normally given to staff members of the Rock Island/ Milan School District, for going above and beyond to make their school a better place, but this year the district decided to give the award to the kids for moving past their differences and gaining a new friendship.

"When she read the note to me, I was thinking she is really sincere and she's really, really sorry for what's she's done," says Kierian.