Second lost kitten recovered in west Davenport may be littermate of cat thrown out car window

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Terry Riner was driving along Highway 61 near Credit Island on November 27th when something caught her eye.

"Where she was at, it was a horrible place because there was like a ravine and there was nothing but water down there, so she wouldn't have survived trying to cross the road and I think it was meant to be because I was right there at the right time," said Terry Riner.

She pulled her car over and took the kitten home. It wasn't until a few days later that she realized the kitten she rescued may be the lost sibling of another poor creature that was thrown from a car window and rescued.

People had been posting the WQAD story to her Facebook page, asking if she'd seen it.

"I didn't watch the news that night so I went to the site and there it was. You can tell it looked just like her," said Riner.

She's very happy to know that another kitten was saved that night.

Riner's kitten doesn't have a name quite yet, she's deciding between Lucky and Rainy.


Lucky or Rainy