French, Latin students learn about history by battling it out

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BETTENDORF, Iowa — What better way for middle schoolers to learn about the wars of the Roman Empire, than through a reenactment?

Students from Rivermont Collegiate reenacted the "Last Battle of Gaul" on Thursday, Dec. 1. The seventh grade Latin class surprise attacked the sixth grade French class. They marched over silently, the whole time learning about battle reenactments.

Students have been making battle armor and Roman shields all week.

"Being an independent school we have the professional autonomy to tell our teachers, teach what you want, how you want, with the given class that`s in front of you that day. We have the flexibility to make things as engaging as we can and make it relevant and fun at the same time," said Max Roach, Rivermont Collegiate Headmaster.

At the end of the Gallic Wars there was a feast, so students were able to reenact that, too. This time, they enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies.