Exelon employee sticking around in hopes energy bill will pass

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CORDOVA, Illinois - A state House committee could follow the Senate's lead and approve a new energy bill for Illinois that include incentives to keep the Cordova plant open.

One worker is more optimistic now than he's been for months.

Taylor Vice has been working for a little over a year at Exelon Nuclear Plant. He landed what he calls his dream job after he graduated from college. He and his wife picked up and moved from Tennessee.

However, a few months into the job, he got the news the plant would close in 2018. He would be out of work and so would 900 of his colleagues.

"Yeah it was a little disheartening to hear that, but I did want to stick around," said Vice.

When lawmakers met in the spring, Exelon workers rallied in Springfield to have an energy bill passed. A bill that Exelon says would keep the plant from closing, but the bill didn't go anywhere at the capital.

The new bill gained key support and the last week of the veto session people like Vice hope it will pass.

"There was a 9-1 vote to push it into the House and Senate so I think spirits are high right now and everyone is staying hopeful and positive," said Vice."

Vice is staying in the Quad Cities, he says it's worth it.

"I think we`re getting a lot of traction and I think it`s beneficial for us to stay here because it`s a very good chance this bill will pass."

Vice says he has been guaranteed a job within the company if the plant does close, but that would mean once again he would have to relocate.