Family shocked after shooting ends outside their home in Burlington

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BURLINGTON, Iowa - Multiple shootings happened in a 24 hour time frame in Burlington, Iowa.

The next day, there was little evidence on Gunnison Street of what happened.

Residents heard a car crash right outside their front door.

"My son came running came into my room and said, 'hey there's a car wreck, a shooting,'" said Debbie Creek, Burlington resident.

It was Debbie's 14-year-old son who heard the incident.

"I just felt horror, nothing I've ever seen before, just something I can't explain," said Paul Creek, Burlington resident.

Burlington Police found a body slumped over the steering wheel, with a gunshot wound.

"The shooting and everything started down this way and then he came down driving and he crashed into this white vehicle, that was sitting, parked right there," said Debbie.

The person in the vehicle was pronounced dead, right outside the family's home.

"I just prayed a lot for his family's well-being, you know," said Paul.

While they were still taking in what was happening outside their home, something else happened.

"I was standing right up here, they had the crime scene tape and then out of the blue, 13 shots and they were like pop,pop, pop," said Debbie.

Two shootings within blocks of each other, a sight that is still a shock to the family.

"I'm more aware and more on edge then I've ever been,"

Shootings are something Debbie said happens too often.

"For the last several months, it's almost once a week, where we're having two shootings a week, it's getting out of hand, it really is," said Debbie.

A problem the family hopes will bring the community together to look out for one-another.