Amid criticism, local theater community backs ‘Hamilton’ cast’s freedom to call out Pence

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Whether you're singing the chorus line or taking the main stage, Broadway lovers at Circa'21 in Rock Island say theater is a way to march to your own beat.

"The country was based on that freedom of expression and freedom of speech. It's the thing that makes this country great," says Circa'21 director Brett Hitchcock.

Last Friday the New York cast of the Broadway musical 'Hamilton' took center stage for an improv performance. It was an unexpected monologue directed at Vice President elect Mike Pence, who was in the audience. The cast asked that the new administration works to protect the rights of "all Americans" in front of an entire audience.

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"What those folks in New York chose to do was certainly their first amendment right to do, and they had every right to do it. We certainly support the first amendment right here," says Hitchcock.

The New York cast has since been criticized by people say live performance isn't the right platform for politics.

But here in the Quad Cities, the act is being interpreted differently.

"I think it goes back to theater being such a wonderful creative expression for people to do a number of different things. Whether it's political views or social views or whatever it is, it's a wonderful platform for that," says Hitchcock.

It's a platform to express any and every plot line and view. It's proof there really is no business like show business.

You can still get tickets for Circa'21's Holly Jolly Christmas show. They perform every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from now until December 29.

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