“Yo-yo man” organizes Thanksgiving dinner to give back

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Scott Searle, also known as the Quad Cities' "Yo-yo man," put down his namesake toy Saturday night, to give back to the community in a different way. He organized a free Thanksgiving day feast as one of his monthly meals at Timothy's House of Hope in Davenport.

Searle struggled with alcohol addiction, which is what compels him to run and simultaneously yo-yo for 10 to 20 miles a day. He says meals, like the one he hosted on November 19th, are a chance to help others struggling with their own battles.

Searle explained, "I had a few good people stand behind me, okay? All it takes to change somebody's day is a smile, maybe even a meal, just something. And who knows? You change their day, you can start the seed, plant the seed for change for something greater down the road."

Earlier this week, Searle delivered yo-yo's to students at Hayes Elementary School in Davenport. He got them as a gift from a yo-yo distributor in Canada, after they heard his story. Searle also gave the kids a crash course on how to use them.

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