Try out the new Thanksgiving trend: Piecaken

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Cooking things inside of things isn’t new for Americans. The “turducken” is a modern Thanksgiving trend of cooking a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. But this year, you might see an a new trend at the Thanksgiving table – the “piecaken.”

The original piecaken was created in 2015 by Chef Zac Young. It included one each of pumpkin, spice and pecan pies with their crusts cut off. They are then stacked with cinnamon buttercream frosting in between the layers, and encasing the pies. The outer layer is then covered in an oatmeal granola mix.

Sound good?

This year, some recipes are taking the piecaken to a whole new level by actually baking three pies inside three cakes, then stacked. The Food Network’s recipe includes one each of custard, lemon and cherry pies baked inside of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes.

Sounds delicious, but the their recipe’s estimated time from start to finish is about 6 hours.

Some recipes include just one pie inside just one layer cake, such as the chocolate cherry piecaken. The recipe includes baking one cherry pie inside of a chocolate cake.

Even cupcakes are getting in on the action.

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