Schock allegedly profited off his voters’ Washington visits

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CHICAGO (AP) — Aaron Schock is accused of allegedly using government and campaign money to subsidize a lavish lifestyle, as well as pocketing thousands of constituents’ dollars.

The indictment unveiled this month says the 35-year-old former Illinois Republican ex-congressman hosted annual Washington tours and meet-and-greets, charged a special fee and secretly kept some of the cash.

State political observers say the alleged scheme stands out, even with Illinois’ history for corruption.

Quincy insurance agent Jack Freiburg attended the 2014 event. He says some feel “hurt, angered and betrayed.”

He says he suspects Schock’s fame went to his head, and is more disappointed in Schock than anything.

Schock said in a Nov. 10 statement responding to the indictment that “we might have made errors” but that “no one intended to break any law.”