Giuliani v. Romney: Who Trump might choose as Secretary of State

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BEDMINSTER, New Jersey-- President-elect Donald Trump spent much of the weekend in meetings at his New Jersey golf club. Two of the meetings that attracted the most attention were between Trump and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, and between Trump and 2012 Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Both men are reportedly being considered for Secretary of State.

It's a big job, and the president-elect is treating it as such. As the highest-ranking member of the president's cabinet, the Secretary of State is the third-highest position in the executive branch. The Secretary is the fourth in line to succeed the President, coming in after the Vice President and Speaker of the House. Both Giuliani and Romney have experience in politics, which is why sources close to Trump say the decision is very difficult.

Giuliani has been a loyal Trump defender since early in his candidacy, while Romney had been critical, until Trump won the election. Vice President-elect Mike Pence said in an interview on November 20th that Romney is under "active and serious consideration" to serve as Secretary of State.

Giuliani, at one point, had been considered for a position as attorney general, but Trump has already offered that job to Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Trump hasn't given any indication of a timeline of when he'll offer the position, but he has said that more Cabinet announcements will be coming as soon as Monday, November 21st.