New Muscatine speed enforcement rolls in on four wheels

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - Starting Monday, November 21, 2016 Muscatine Police will start using a new tool to catch speeders and police say it's something they want drivers to be aware of.

The Muscatine Police Department now has a new member on their team and it comes on four wheels.

The black, Chevy Sonic isn't a cop car but it's keeping an eye on drivers who might be breaking the law.

“You can set it up for 24 to 48 hours in that area and hold the people accountable for speeding and targeting those who are speeding,” says Muscatine Police Sargent, Vince Motto.

Once the unmarked car's hours are up in one spot it moves to the next.

“I’m hoping this will be our saving grace,” says Julia Strause who lives on Roscoe Avenue in Muscatine.

Julia says speeding on her street is a constant problem. Her husband even wrote the city asking for the speed car to patrol their street.

“I welcome it. Let’s find the positive in it. It will save the force another person to patrol the area especially when you think of taxes and wages,” added Julia.

Driver’s pocket books could take a hit if the car clocks them going 11 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Tickets cost $75 a pop.

“Hopefully the car just being there will get the speed reduced in those areas,” says Sargent Motto.

All the equipment in the car is owned by a private company. Since the car was given to the department and the systems are run by the private company, there is no added cost to taxpayers. Drivers can always look on the city's website to find out where it will be parked.

“Everyone will have an idea of where the vehicle is. Transparency is our biggest concern. We are not out to write as many tickets as possible,” added Sargent Motto.

Sargent motto says when the car is parked, it doesn't run on gas. The radar and camera system all operate on a battery separate from the car battery.

For a weekly schedule of where the speed car will be in Muscatine, click here.

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