Rock Island man with famous Trump Stamp: ‘It’s all a big shock’

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - The tale of a Rock Island man who lost a bet and got inked with a Donald Trump tattoo has gone nationwide.

Zach Cobert never thought he would become famous for a tattoo.

"I had no idea it was going to be anything like this magnitude. It`s all a big shock," said Cobert.

He promised a buddy he'd get a tattoo of Donald Trump on his body if he won the election. Following through with his word, Cobert did it.

"It's paid off I guess I could say," said Cobert.

From the moment he got his tattoo, Trump Stamp has gone viral. Cobert has already done interviews with radio shows across the country and has more interviews lined up.

Click here to watch Zach Cobert get his

"They`re saying "Rock Island" all over the news and "Davenport, Iowa" it`s just amazing," said Cobert.

However, his biggest wow moment was landing a spot on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

"It was one thing seeing the media roll out and you know state after state, but then when I seen myself on Jimmy Fallon, I mean that was a pretty crazy," said Cobert.

While Cobert has seen some negative comments about his story he says he's brushing it off. He hopes his tattoo can provide some humor at a time when he says it's needed.

"With all the bad that`s going on right now in the media and all the riots, I think this is a good laugh for everybody you know a good take their mind off the tension," he said.

His next goal is to get the attention of the man himself, Donald Trump.

"I`d really love him to sign it and then I will go back to the tattoo artist and get his signature tattooed under it," said Cobert.

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