Hilltop Campus Village gets visit from U.S. Small Business Administration

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Hats, Hair N' Wigs sits in the Hilltop Campus Village.

"We're a very small business and I don't want to be a big business," said Gloria Henricksen, Owner, Hats, Hair N Wigs.

The business got a visit from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

"Get behind our local businesses and really support the mom and pop businesses that are the life, blood of the economy," said Jayne Armstrong, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration.

Armstrong was invited by the Village director to hear the concerns of the small business owners.

"We can't even afford to advertise anymore, other than our website and email and what we do for ourselves," said Henricksen.

Armstrong brought ideas to the businesses to help them thrive.

"A lot of small retailers are, now, have a web presence so cyber Monday is gonna be important to small business as well," said Armstrong.

Having the help was not only important to the owner of Hats, Hair N' Wigs but to other businesses in the Hilltop Village community.

"As we've seen vacant buildings fill up, small buildings come in, we've reached a second point for us, a stage where the merchants are now getting together and trying to figure out the best ways to co-promote," said Scott Tunnicliff, Director, Hilltop Campus Village.

The more people that shop in that area the better it helps the community.

"What happens is that keeps your retail dollar within the community, which keeps our tax base stronger, which helps keep our taxes lower," said Joel Youngs, Regional Director, Small Business Development Center.

For Gloria, this visit reminded her why she started a small business.

"The cancer was my reason because I just don't believe a lady should go without her hair covered," said Henrickson.

She said she'll take the ideas learned and work to grow her business.

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