Cubs fan pulls out tooth after losing a World Series bet

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GRANGER, Ind – Wednesday, November 2nd was the fulfillment of a dream for a young Cubs fan from Northern Indiana.  Yet at the same time it would prove a costly one for C.J. Kavadas.

Before the playoffs the Granger, Indiana teenager made a bet with his friends that if the Cubs won the World Series he would part ways with one of his teeth. A month later, the Cubs did just that as they beat the Indians in the Fall Classic in seven games to win their first championship since 1908.

True to his word, Kavadas followed through on his promise this past Sunday.

With the help of his friends Ryan Lynch and Kade Stone, C.J. ripped out the tooth in a unique way. He tied a rope to the tooth and then to a football and had Lynch throw it to Stone who ran a pattern. It was the latter who posted the video of the tooth pull to Twitter, showing in slow motion as it ripped out of Kavadas’ mouth, fulfilling the bet.

“I have been a die-hard Cubs fan all my life and I was so pumped for the post season. So before the kid who threw the ball and the kid who held the flag with me were hanging out and I told them I would rip a tooth out if they win the World Series, Most of this was so that if the Cubs lost I would not be as distraught,” said Kavadas on Tuesday. “Some of it was because I live in the town of Granger Indiana where nothing happens so we gotta make our own fun.”

Perhaps the act itself wasn’t pleasant for Kavadas, who posted a picture of where the tooth came out.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Not only was there a strategy to the actual pulling of the tooth but also the selection of this past Sunday to make it happen.

“I waited ’till Sunday to do it because it was my birthday and my parents wouldn’t get as mad at me,” said Kavadas, who got his best birthday present a week-and-a-half before from the Cubs.

But it certainly came at a price.

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