Business owner upset after city demands him to run a quieter gun range

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MONMOUTH, Illinois - A business owner says he's not happy with the city, after receiving a letter demanding him to run a quieter shop.

Business has been good at the Tac Shack in Monmouth.

However, the owner Justin Lipes says its unfair that some people are taking aim at his indoor gun range.

"Instead of coming and talking to you in person they send you a letter like you`re a criminal you know, so its frustrating," said Lipes.

Lipes got a letter from the city last week that demands he reduce the noise within three weeks or else he will receive ordinance violation tickets.

The city's administrator says even though the business is in an industrial park there are complaints coming from homeowners in the neighborhood up the hill.

"We`ve had four or five complaints," said Lowell Crow.

Crow says the city hasn't used a decibel meter to measure the sound; instead it investigated after someone called to complain.

"How can you tell someone they`re in a violation of something if you have no quantitative way of measuring it," said Lipes.

News 8 took a listen. The shooting range that sits in the edge of town can be heard clearly in the parking lot outside the building, but up the hill it's more muffled.

Lipes tells us he won't comply with the city's order, "I don`t have the extra money right now to build a fence that may or may not work."

"We try and find a resolution as we go forward. In this case that is suitable for both business as well as a the residents we try to address that," said Crow.

Lipes says the city should be on his side, especially since it was the city council that approved his business opening in the first place.

"The city needs to stand up you know, they need to stand up for whats right."

Crow says the city will continue to work with Lipes on a plan and despite what the letter says, he won be getting ticketed.

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