Skimming devices found in ATMs at multiple Hy-Vee stores in Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Card skimmers were found in ATMs at Hy-Vee stores in central Iowa, according to a report by WHO-TV.

One device was found in an ATM at the Hy-Vee in Altoona, Iowa, on Saturday, November 12, 2016.  More devices were later found and two other Hy-Vee ATMs in Des Moines.

Police are warning customers to be aware when using plastic, and have a quick tip for preventing getting hacked.

"Some of them are an internal device that you'll never see and you'll just never know," said Sgt. Paul Parizek from the Des Moines Police Department.  "Some of them, they are a lot of external work and that's what we're finding mostly here. What we're telling people to do, when you approach the ATM, the receiver where you would insert your card, just give it a gentle tug. Because if it's been tampered with, that piece will come off."

Investigators were looking through security video from the ATMs, and hoped to be able to release photos of any suspects soon.