East Moline has always known how to throw a parade! #TBT

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It's that time of week again. The folks at Retro Quad Cities have given us four snapshots from history that show how our lives have changed (or even stayed the same).retro-quad-cities1
We begin with a shot of a typical Quad City holiday in 1958. We all remember being banished to the "Kids Table." These kids from Moline's Elkay family sure seem happy. We're wondering what age you're supposed to graduate to the adult table? Jonathan and myself usually still sit with the kids. retro-quad-cities2

Next up, we take you back to 1963 for the East Moline, Illinois Christmas Parade! Check out that crowd! Eager eyes are peeled up the street where Santa Claus went right down the main drag. retro-quad-cities3

Let's go back 109 years to Central Park, Davenport, Iowa when the sound of a small jazz band filled the air. It's the summer of 1907 and there was quite the gathering! Did you know that Central Park's name was changed to Vander Veer Park in 1911. The street that borders the northern portion of the park, Central Park Avenue, kept its name. retro-quad-cities4

Finally, a glimpse at the bustling Downtown Davenport in 1933. Check out the cars, parallel-parked on Second Street. This is the location where the Adler Theatre is nowadays.