QC Hispanic community wonders what Trump presidency will mean

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MOLINE, Illinois  - La Imperial Grocery Store in Moline's Floriciente neighborhood is a hub for the area's Hispanic residents, and some are quite worried about what President-elect Trump has in store for undocumented workers.

"They are afraid, because they say they are thinking they're going to send many people to Mexico,"said store owner Vicente Zepeda. "I tell them, I don't think so," he said.

Zepeda is here legally and has been in the country since 1977. He says customers who are undocumented or have family here illegally have expressed worry since the election as they buy their groceries.

"We just wonder because of the way he talked about the Hispanic people. I don't now what's going to happen, but we hope he's going to do something better than he said before," Zepeda said.

Zepeda voted for Hillary Clinton, but said he will give President-elect Trump a chance.

So will George Barajas, whose family has owned a restaurant in the neighborhood for years.

"I voted for Hillary, I was shocked he came out on top. As a Mexican-American, we just have to go with the flow, see what's in it for us," Barajas said.

He said he is okay with the deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes, but draws the line when it comes to people here who are just working to feed their families.

"It's just sad. These people treated like criminals, all they want is a job," he said.

For Zepeda the store owner, he says he will believe it when he sees it.

"Every president promises something," he said.