School district excited about approval of Rock Island County sales tax hike

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - East Moline schools were happy to hear the news that Rock Island County voters approved and 1% sales tax.

"I was super excited, did a little cheer, was excited to come to school and the teachers are super happy," said Dalinda Archer, Principal at Hillcrest Elementary.

Hillcrest Elementary is in the worst shape among the 5 school buildings in the East Moline school district.

"It's a big deal for East Moline, we have schools without air conditioning, we have schools that need new windows throughout," said Kristin Humphries, East Moline Superintendent.

The elementary school has old rusty windows that are on the top of the list to be replaced.

"There's a lot of times in the winter that you'll see that it's drafty," said Humphries.

"Honestly our windows are pretty bad shape they could easily push open," said Archer.

The school also needs to replace the roof, the boiler and can get air conditioning.

"It gets super hot in the building and it`s hard enough for little kids to focus sometimes," said Archer.

Knowing they'll be getting between $1.2 and $1.4 million each year to make those repairs means a lot to the district.

"I'm just extremely grateful to the community for their support of education, it means the world," said Humphries.

Creating a better learning environment for the students.