Rock Island Republicans call Trump’s triumph a tribute to Silent Majority

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -

There are songs and smiles after little sleep on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

"Happy Trump Day," said Sheri Diekman, East Moline.

It's a blaring wake-up call on accordion for the bleary-eyed Ronald Reagan Breakfast Club.

"He wants to make the country great again," she continued.  "He loves the United States."

After a late night stunner, basking in the glow of a new day with President-Elect Donald Trump.

"They coronated Hillary just a little too soon," said Mitch Ryan, Milan.

It's a Republican revival that's proving the pundits wrong.

"We, the people, matter," said another member.  "The Silent Majority matters."

This Silent Majority was speaking loudly on Election Day.

"The Silent Majority is with Donald Trump," said Roxanne Croegaert.  "That's what they missed."

Donning "The Donald's"  red caps and hissing at Hillary Clinton one more time.

"Americans are disgusted," added another member.  "They want change."

Change that's inspiring these Republicans with a Washington outsider.

"The surge of people came because they are tired of a government that promises to do things and doesn't do it," said Bill Bloom, chairman of Rock Island County Republicans.

These Republicans are savoring the moment and stepping into action.

"There's a huge list of things that need to be accomplished," said Croegaert.   "He's ready to start on Day One."

Just hours after the election, happy days, indeed, for local Republicans.