Loras College Pollsters explain why some polls were off about the election

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DUBUQUE, Iowa - Pollsters are taking heat after failing to predict the presidential outcome.

Out of 67 national polls, tracking the race since October, only four gave Donald Trump the lead, according to Real Clear Politics.

Most predicted a close, but solid victory by Hillary Clinton.

Now, analysts are now trying to sort through what went wrong.

However, one of the polls tracking the presidential race was done at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

This was the first year Loras polled a presidential election, testing the opinions of voters in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Professor Christopher Budzisz says overall the college saw a lot of success with their polls.

"There were some certainly some clear hits for us and then a couple of misses," said Budzisz.

The college was right on when it came to predicting winners on the state level; however when it came to predicting who would win Iowa, the Loras Polls had them virtually tied. Also like most pollsters, the college was wrong when it came to the winner of Wisconsin.

"They call and speak to I don`t know a thousand people, just as an example, and it's a snapshot of those people at that time and won`t necessary tell you where the undecided are going to go," said Budzisz.

Budzisz says there are a lot of factors that can come into play when it comes to polling error.

The college also says it's harder to collect data now because most people don't answer their phones. The college is working on using an online method that's reliable and just as accurate.