Voters use coffee beans to show support for candidates

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IOWA CITY, Iowa-- Hungry customers here at Iowa City's Hanburg Inn No. 2 expect to make choices in a restaurant. Whether you want fries with that or now, you might not expect to choose your favorite presidential candidate.

You can drink your coffee and vote with it too.

It's simple. When you go to pay your check, take a coffee bean and put that bean into a candidate's jar.

"There's really only two rules; one vote per visit, and you can't take beans out of one candidate's jar and put them in other jars. Every once in a while we'll have coffee bean voter fraud," says Hamburg Inn's general manager Seth Dudley.

"It's a good reminder of why we do it, but it doesn't have to be a chore. It can be something that can be fun," says Dudley.

Each drop of a bean is democracy in action.

The final bean totals for the Coffee Bean Caucus are in for liberal Iowa City, Iowa.

Hillary Clinton: 4,139

Donald Trump: 2,304

None of the above: 814

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