Let’s Move Quad Cities: Duane Spellious

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For 35 years one Quad City man has practiced Taekwondo, training and teaching thousands of students along the way.

In our “Let’s Move QC” feature he shows us how 2 new hip replacements are helping to move him forward, not hold him back.

Taekwondo is a way of life for Duane Spellious.

The 7th degree master said, “the week I graduated from Moline High School class of ’80 I started started training with Taekwondo”.

He says he had hip pain but pushed through it. That’s when a student prompted him to get checked out.

“He said you don’t walk well. I said, oh I walk great giving him a hard time because I knew I walked with a little bit of a limp, said Spellious.

That student is a doctor at ORA Orthopedics and referred him to ORA Orthopedics Total Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Edward Connolly.

“He had very arthritic hips,” said Dr. Connolly.

In the span of 8 weeks Spellious received 2 total hip replacements.

“So complete hip replacement means the stem, the ball and the socket are replaced,” said Dr. Connolly.

He said patients start seeing results soon after the procedure.

“People come back not everyone at 6 weeks but majority of people come back in 6 weeks and say boy this is great and Duane is kind of beating those numbers and things are getting back to doing what he wants to do,” he said.

Beating those numbers…Duane jumped back into his life.

“I was off the walker the next day and off the cane and crutches with in 4 days of both surgeries. It has been a great experience at ORA from the surgery clear from the nurses, the hospital, doctors and therapists I’m working with right now,” said Spellious.

His fitness level and way of thinking are key.

“Being well-motivated and having a good attitude together can make a big difference,” he said.

Both are helping to push Spellious forward.

“I wanted to get my hips done now so my quality of life would be better,” he said. “I never wanted to act like an 80 year old at 55. I always wanted to be a 55 year old at 80 years old.”

ORA Orthopedics leads the Quad Cities region in total joint replacement surgery, performing more than 2 thousand total joint surgeries a year.

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