Davenport stop starts “Weekend at Bernie’s” Iowa-style for Hillary Clinton campaign

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - This Iowa-style "Weekend at Bernie's" seems like old times for Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D) Vermont.

"Let's work as hard as we can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become our next president," he told a crowd of about 300 on Friday, November 4, 2016.

Sanders verbally fired some fastballs at Modern Woodmen Park and pointed out drastic differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Stand up to the billionaire class, whose greed is wreaking so much havoc in our economy," he continued.

He's also stumping for Clinton in three Iowa college towns where he prevailed during the Iowa Caucuses.

Now, it's a fight to the finish in battleground Iowa. With just four days left, the challenge is to motivate Sanders' supporters to get out and vote for Clinton.

"I think the whole Clinton campaign has done a good job of getting the Bernie Sanders crowd and really including him in the platform," said Brandon Borkovec, a Sanders supporter who plans to vote for Clinton.

Iowa polls show a neck-and-neck race between Clinton and Trump in the Hawkeye state. Democrats warn that victory might come down to just a few votes in each precinct. That makes it even more important to motivate Millennials and other young voters.

"With everything that's been so ugly, it's hard to get them to even want to participate," said Clinton supporter Karen Kirkbride.

But Sanders says drastic differences between Republicans and Democrats make it an easy choice.

"This election is about you and the middle class of this country," he said.

Hoping now that these voters still feel the 'Bern for Clinton come Election Day.