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Cameras could soon be coming to Washington Street in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Residents of Washington Street in Davenport could soon be seeing cameras on their street.

Johnnie's Meat Market has been on the street since 1980 and is a hub for the Washington Street Association.

"We get together as neighborhood, businesses and residents once a month at my general store next door and we just talk about things and meet with police," said Kim Dopler of Johnnie`s Meat Market.

The group works to prevent crime in the area and one thing they've been wanting is street cameras.

"It's a deterrent to crime just because they're there," said Dopler.

Washington Street could soon be seeing cameras line the street.

"22 cameras, which will really give great surveillance over the neighbors, the neighborhood and the businesses," said Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose.

After going through bids, the city is looking to vote on purchasing a camera system from a Chicago based company.

The total project is going to cost around $55,000, said Ambrose.

That is an investment the businesses on the street are excited about.

"Hopefully it will kinda bring, get more business into our area here and also get the empty buildings full again and I think it will help a lot," said Steven Stoltenberg, Northwest Music Shop.

"As a business owner of a small business it just gives us that much more protection and security," said Dopler.

The Davenport City Council will vote on purchasing the camera system at Wednesday's city council meeting.

If approved, Ambrose said they expect to have them up and running by March.