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Abingdon mother asking community’s help finding her daughter

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ABINGDON, Illinois - An area mother is asking for the community's help locating her daughter.

As time goes on, the more nerves start to set in for Sharon Miller.

"It gets harder because you know, I don`t understand it," said Miller.

It's been four days since she's heard from her 40-year-old daughter Jamie Harroun.

"This just isn`t like Jamie, I talked to Jamie every single day," said Miller.

Harroun lives in Mackinaw, Illinois and was in town visiting. Galesburg police say she was last seen October 31st, 2016, in Galesburg and from what they've gathered she was heading back home.

However, the next day Miller found out her daughter never made it.

"Something is very wrong with this picture," said Miller.

Miller says Harroun's not reachable by phone and her Black 2000 Ford Truck that she drove off in hasn't been spotted.

She says Harroun has been going through some personal issues, but it's not like her daughter to take off without any word, "I don`t know what the problem is and I don`t care. I just want her back, you know if she`s upset we`ll figure it out you know, but this isn`t like Jamie to be gone like this."

Fliers have been posted throughout town. Miller says with help from family, friends and the community, they're doing everything they can to find Harroun.

"I refuse to feel like she`s not coming back to us. We`re going to find her," said Miller.

The Galesburg Police Department and the Tazwell County Sheriff's Department are investigating the case.