Warmest Halloween our kids have ever seen!

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The warmest Halloween in the Quad Cities brought 80 degree temperatures back in 1950. Since then, kids have gotten nags from parents and grandparents to wear heavy coats for Trick-or-Treating.

That will be a distant memory, this year! We will be unseasonably warm with morning temperatures around 50 degrees (which is closer to our average high versus our average low). By noon, I expect temperatures to rise into the 70s and those warm temperatures will continue into the evening. When the kids are out collecting candy, temps will be in the middle 60s!

Here are the last Halloweens that had high temperatures above 70° in the past 50 years:

2008: 74°
2000: 75°
1999: 71°
1982: 72°
1974: 75°
1968: 82°

The warmest high temperature occurred on Halloween 1950 at 85 degrees. Enjoy!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen


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