Many Halloween stores sold out of Trump and Hillary masks in the Quad Cities

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - At Halloween Express you can find all sorts of stuff for the holiday but there are two things missing, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.

"We had several dozen of both Hillary and Trump masks and they sat on the shelves for actually quite a while, until about a week or 10 days ago and they're all gone," said Eric Dany, Owner Halloween Express.

"I think everyone wants to get in on the whole election hoopla and it's an easy costume, you know, put on a mask, go out," said Andrea Beatty, shopper.

Trump masks were the first ones to sell out.

"Trump outsells Hilary quite a but it's not necessarily because of political reasons, men will typically wear more masks than women will," said Dany.

While at Halloween Express News 8 got word of a Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sighting.

"I believe we have one Trump and one Hilary mask left," said Dany.

The Fun Co is where the masks were supposed to be, but Hillary was the only mask found, Trump was sold within the first 5 minutes of opening.