Moline High School students helping Student Hunger Drive with Empty Bowls fundraiser

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The 2016 Student Hunger Drive races on in the Quad Cities, and another big event is set to help the cause. The Empty Bowl Project for Moline High School is showing off student creativity and community generosity.

It is a project that students involved with art classes at Moline High School really start preparing for at the beginning of the school year, learning the crafting techniques and thinking of designs for their bowls. For the event itself, there will be around 300 bowls on display at the Moline High School Cafeteria. People attending can donate $10 per person, $5 per student and $15 per family and then pick out a bowl for themselves. Once they have a bowl, they can enjoy some locally-donated soup and bread, making it a very tasty and charitable evening.

"A great event, good food, and lots of people donating more than just artwork for this. A lot of people are donating the soup, the bread and helping organize everything, so their time," Moline High School instructor Joel Delp said.

It's that combination of generosity and artistry that makes the night worthwhile for everyone involved.

"Everybody gets involved, and you just get behind it. They love to make the bowls, and it's fun to see that when we get every bowl fired and we have the tables lined up, they get to see their hard work there stretching down the hallway," Delp said.

There will be all sorts of different varieties to the bowls this year, whether they're made of clay or glass.

Each year, this event seems to get more and more attention, so Moline High School students hope they are able to add to the Student Hunger Drive effort.

If you'd like to get a hand-made bowl of your own and help out the Student Hunger Drive this year, the Empty Bowls event starts at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at Moline High School.

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