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Dixon officers cleared in shooting investigation

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DIXON, Illinois-- The investigation into the Dixon officer involved shooting has ended, and the two police officers have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Illinois State's Attorney General.

Police say 33-year-old Justin Llanas held a woman hostage at knife point last September when he got into a fight with another man who he then stabbed in the stomach.

Police tried tasering him, but it didn't work, so they shot him.

Llanas is charged with attempted murder, battery and resisting an officer.

On Thursday, police held a press conference where Dixon Police Chief Danny Langloss said how his officers handled the hostage situation was done perfectly. He knew that because the officers were wearing body and taser cameras.

The cameras had video and audio evidence they could watch to see exactly what happened immediately after the shooting last September. The footage was the main evidence used to prove the officers' innocence.

Chief Langloss went a step further to say once the video can be released, it will be used as a training tool to teach law enforcement around the region what to do in those situations.

"Cameras are the way of the future. I'd love to have every incident there. Right now when you look at body cameras, there's a lot within the law that makes it very restrictive and cumbersome. We're working with the Illinois chiefs. We're trying to get some of that legislation changed because there's nothing better. It makes everyone safer when it's on camera," says Chief Langloss.

The video will be released after the criminal case is resolved.

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