How to nail that webcam interview

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MOLINE, Illinois - Talking through a computer instead of face-to-face is becoming more common for interviews.

"We're having more and more students and clients having job interviews, outside the state, outside the area and rather than pay for them to fly out there or drive out there they're doing web interviews now," said Bruce Storey, Director of Education Services.

Talking through a webcam can be nerve wracking but for some they would prefer it.

At Black Hawk College there's a room that anyone can reserve for interviews.

"We have an office set up where they can do webcam interviews right there and we go over with them the hints that they should be prepared for," said Storey.

Technology can play a role in how the interview goes.

"First thing they should do is make sure the technology works they want to make sure that they`re computer works or the interviews computer works with theirs," said Storey.

The room you're sitting in could affect your interview and you should make sure there's nothing distracting going on behind you.

"They want one color shirt or top nothing plaid or things like that that might be a little distracting so make sure that everything`s very plain," said Storey.

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