Iowa Secretary of State assures Iowans the election is not rigged

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Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is assuring Iowans that the state’s election is not rigged and says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud only confuse voters.

Monday’s comments by Pate, a Republican, were in response to Trump’s remarks and comments by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. Branstad said he agrees with the GOP nominee’s statements that there are efforts to cheat the system and that national media organizations are “colluding” with Clinton.

Branstad, a Republican whose son leads Trump’s Iowa campaign, said media bias and voter fraud are “one in the same.”

Branstad expressed confidence in efforts of election officials to hold a clean election in Iowa, but added, “Nobody’s perfect.”

An Iowa Democratic Party spokesman says it’s shocking Branstad didn’t reject Trump’s assertions.