Survivor says shooter walked up, said nothing, and opened fire

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Survivor Erik Roberson looked at Lamaree Wilson from the witness stand just once, when he identified the teen as the one who shot him.

"Are you certain?" asked Rock Island County States Attorney John McGehee.

"I'm positive," he said.

Roberson testified Wilson was not a stranger, but a former classmate at United Township High School in East Moline.

"Computer class. He used to be an acquaintance," Roberson said.

Roberson testified he dropped out of high school in his senior year, and sold marijuana occasionally.

He said Wilson bought pot from him the night before the shooting. He called and asked for more on May 20, 2015.

Roberson said he and two others were waiting in a car for the transaction to take place, when he saw Wilson walk up.

"He didn't say anything, and that's when he started opening fire," he said.

He was shot several times, in both legs, twice in his arm, in his side, and head.

The driver of the car, 18-year old Zachary Phillips, was shot in the head and died.

Roberson told the jury there was no bad blood with Wilson, and says he started shooting without warning.

Testimony resumes Monday.

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