Christmas in October, the iWireless Center tree arrives

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It's a popular question this time of year -- too soon or not soon enough to start celebrating Christmas?

Either way, it's Christmas in October as the iWireless Center raises their annual Christmas tree. They've secured a 40-foot blue spruce tree for this year's festivities, and it's quite the process to get it all set up. It's nothing like setting up the tree in your living room, this is much bigger and potentially much more dangerous. The tree was brought in by a semi with Moline Police escorts, and it took about seven men and a crane to get the tree lifted up and put in the right spot, a hole in the center of the courtyard. They're securing the tree down with cables to make sure it doesn't move around.

This officially kicks off the holiday season for the iWireless Center, something they're certainly ready for.

"I don't think it's too early. Everyone needs to get in that holiday spirit as much as possible. We have a beautiful 40-foot blue spruce, it's going to look beautiful once it's all done. We're really excited," iWireless Center Operations Manager Kevin Snodgrass said.

They're a little earlier than usual with the tree, donated by Chris Zimmer of Moline, but they think it'll be nice for everyone to get going with the Christmas preparations while the weather is still nice.

However, for those worried that Christmas is getting here too fast, don't worry. The tree at the iWireless Center won't actually light up until the Lighting on the Commons ceremony on November 19th, 2016.

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