Davenport, Bettendorf help with storm debris pickup

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2100 block of Belle Ave in Davenport, WQAD photo

 Davenport residents are being offered free yard waste pickup after Thursday night’s storms.

There is no charge, and all you have to do is bundle any tree trimmings or branches and set them out for curbside collection on your regular garbage day,

Bundles should not be longer than five feet and weigh no more than 50 pounds.  Do not use tape, wire, or plastic to bundle brush.

In Bettendorf, rules on bundling have been relaxed for residents affected by the storm.  The primary areas include homes south of Crow Creek Road to Middle Road and from Utica Ridge Road to Devils Glen Road.

Residents are still required to have their bundles no longer than 5-feet long, stacked neatly, and placed in their normal location, but you do not have to tie them up.

Yard waste stickers are still required on all yard waste bags.