We’ve always had the best ice cream places in the Quad Cities #TBT

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retro1At first this looks like a tunnel, but this is Janssen's Ice Cream Shoppe, which was located at 214 west 3rd in Downtown Davenport. This photo taken in 1900 shows how the popular spot featured twenty decorative lattice separated booths that kept your homemade ice cream treats private.


It's 1926 and this is the Velie’s Monocoupe. Believe it or not, it was manufactured in Moline. The Velie Company was best known for their outstanding automobiles but had limited success with these lightweight planes. Standing next to it is Phoebe Omlie, the first woman with a commercial pilots licence. She named her plane the “Miss Moline,” which became known world wide.retro3

This isn’t the Bronx or even downtown Chicago, this is 3rd Street in Downtown Davenport in 1927! Trolleys were an important mode of transportation for many Quad City residents, regardless of the weather.retro4

This is 1909 and yes, it's the infamous “Truck eating Bridge” on Brady Street. These workers are installing a new gas line and took time out for this photo.

Special thanks to "Retro Chuck" for this week's stroll down memory lane. See more photos like these on the Retro Quad Cities Facebook Page.