QC first responders and medics train to help sexual assault survivors

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — Sexual assault isn't an easy topic to talk about. But it's happening whether people are talking about it or not.

Experts say one in four females and one in six males experience sexual assault sometime in their lives.

"When we don't talk about it, we don't create an environment in which survivors feel they can come forward," says Safe Path supervisor Brittney Delp.

On Thursday Quad Cities medics and first responders learn how to make survivors comfortable opening up about abuse.

The group learned to use different techniques and tools to collect as much evidence of an assault as possible.

"When they're believed and treated with respect by law enforcement or anyone they interact with, that completely changes the dynamic around the assault because we don't ever want a victim to be revictimized by the system's response to their report," says Delp.

They are working to provide the best care possible all while letting supervisors know they're behind survivors every step of the way. If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted and needs help, reach out to Safe Path Family Resources. Their 24 hour numbers are 309-797-1777 or 866-921-3354.