Pay It Forward: The Volunteer Lawn Mower

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Kirkwood, ILLINOIS - A Monmouth, Illinois man is giving back to a man from Kirkwood, Illinois, who voluntarily started mowing the yard to a property he owns.

"I didn't ask or nothing, I just did it," Kirkwood resident and volunteer mower Bill Krems said. "I saw a job that needed doing."

Krems saw Monmouth resident Brian Miller mowing with a push mower one day. It was at that time he decided to help Miller out.

"He didn't have time to finish," Krems said. "I had a ride mower handy, so I just went over and did it."

Miller owns the home in Kirkwood, but he does not live there, previously renting out the home to tenants. The home is now vacant. The travel between Kirkwood and Monmouth, along with his full time job, doesn't allow Miller to get back to town much.

"The yard was getting away from me," Miller said. "I came home one time, and it was mowed, and I think it wasn't until the second or third time that I realized who was mowing...It was just a surprise."

The surprise has kept reoccurring over the past year, and Krems mows the lawn for free. That's why Miller nominated Krems to win a Pay It Forward Award on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, sponsored by Ascentra Credit Union. Wednesday, Krems thought about his late mother Irene, who taught him the hard work he needed, to be successful later on.

"My mother was the salt of the earth," Krems said. "[My parents] divorced when I was about 10. She raised five kids in Beardstown, Illinois and did a great job. I wasn't an angel by any means, but we made it through just fine. All five of us are still living."

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