Local family stuck in Florida to wait out Hurricane Matthew

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ORLANDO, Florida - The Magic Kingdom is facing a monster storm.

Thursday, Disney World shut down its park for safety.

The Hillman family from Colona, Illinois was on their way there to spend their last day of vacation when they got the news.

"It came though on my phone that they were shutting the park down for today and tomorrow," said Jennifer Hillman.

They're vacation might be over, but their trip to Florida isn't.

"The airport told us at 6 am this morning that they canceled all flights," said Jennifer.

They're stuck in their condo to wait out the storm. Jennifer says the condo is a ghost town, "There`s no gas. The stores are all closed, restaurants are closed, like we`re in a condo area, like a time share place. There`s thousands of rooms and I`m standing on the balcony and I don`t even see a soul."

They'll stay up throughout the night watching Matthew.

"They did say the evacuated the Governor and his family to Orlando for safety, I`m hopeful that means we`ll be somewhat safe," said Jennifer.

Jennifer says the earliest flight back to Illinois is Monday.