Dog stuck on Maquoketa River dam rescued

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa -- A dog that had been stuck out on a dam on the Maquoketa River for days has been rescued.

Rescuers came to pull the dog to safety on Thursday, October 6, 2016. The pit bull had reportedly been stuck out there since at least Wednesday afternoon, October 5th.

A group of people, including workers with the Humane Society and a member of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, worked out a plan to rescue the pooch.

The Humane Society launched a boat and were able to get the dog off the dam and back onto land.  This rescue came after an earlier attempt by a teen, who was tied to a rope and wearing a life jacket for safety, attempted to get to her.

The dog was brought ashore and was going to be taken to the Jackson County Humane Society.  She was expected to be up for adoption by the week of October 16th.