PV grad proves to students they can make a difference in the world

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LECLAIRE, Iowa-- It's fifth period, but this Spanish class is a bit different than usual at Pleasant Valley Junior High with a different teacher teaching a different lesson.

His name is Daniel Klopp. He lives in Lima, Peru but was born and raised in Pleasant Valley.

"I was really surprised he was from PV. Iowa's kind of in the middle of the US and farmlands. I never thought someone could do something, and that big and that was really special to me," says 8th grade Spanish student Ramya Subramaniam.

Daniel's life took an unexpected turn 15 years ago when he moved to Peru.

"I was terrified. But guess what? That was a life changing experience. It was the best thing that ever happened to me," says Klopp.

He moved to South America and opened a school, Voices for Peru, to help fight modern day child slave labor.

Older students at PV volunteered at the school this past summer. And now the PV grad spreads his message to younger generations.

"By meeting him it makes it real. Like oh my gosh, people from Peru can come visit, and that is a PV guy. That could be me in the future because he once sat where I sat, and look where he is," says Spanish teacher Stephanie Risius.

But kids learn they don't have to travel thousands of miles away to make a difference as long as they're willing to take a chance.

"I'm going to remember that I can be anything in the world and that I can make a big difference if I really try hard," says Subramaniam.

"Always be willing to step out of your comfort zone if somebody offers you an opportunity because you never know what kind of adventure you might go on," says Klopp.

The next student trip to Peru is scheduled for late July and early August.